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Monday, June 12, 2017

8:45-9:00 AM

Introduction and Welcome

Active Learning vs. Passive Learning

9:00-9:15 AM

The history and philosophy of Active Learning. 

9:15-9:45 AM

Establishing rich environments to encourage active learning vs. passive learning. 

9:45-10:15 AM

The role of play as a developmental tool in learning. 

10:15-10:30 AM


10:30-11:15 AM

Understanding the dynamic learning circle and the role disability plays in disrupting this process. 

11:15-11:45 AM

Identifying strategies to encourage developmental learning.

11:45-1:00 PM

Time to be determined - LUNCH

Active Learning Equipment & Tools

1:00-2:00 PM

Active learning as an instrument for decreasing self-injurious behavior, self-stimulatory behaviors or aggressive behaviors.

2:00-2:30 PM

Use and demonstration of aids that facilitate an active learning environment:  the Little Room, Resonance Board, Support Bench and HOPSA-dress. 

2:30-2:45 PM


2:45-4:00 PM

Facilitating skills in spatial relations, object concept, increased muscle strength, weight bearing, unsupported sitting, standing and walking. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Active Learning: The Adult - Child Relationship

8:45-9:00 AM


9:00-9:30 AM

Promoting active learning interactions in children with autism spectrum disorders

9:30-10:15 AM

Understanding and identifying the emotional and intellectual levels of the special needs child.  Identifying the role of the adult in promoting skill development. 

10:15-10:30 AM


1030-11:00 AM

The Five Phases of Educational Treatment

11:00-11:15 AM

Communication and the special needs child.

11:15-11:45 AM

Assessing a child’s developmental level with the use of the Functional Scheme. 

11:45-1:00 PM

Time to be determined - LUNCH

From Assessment to Curriculum

1:00-1:30 PM

The FIELA curriculum - Establishing a rich and appropriate Active Learning curriculum.  Physical layouts for the classroom or playroom. 

1:30-2:15 PM

Steps to align standard curriculums to reflect an active learning philosophy

2:15-2:30 PM

The effect of an inappropriate curriculum on typically developing children

2:30-2:45 PM


2:45-3:15 PM

Suggestions for classroom activities and active learning environments, community resources

3:15-3:45 PM

Use and demonstration of equipment that facilitates an active learning environment such as the Essef Board, Multi-functional Table, Support Bench, HOPSA Dress and Little Room. 

3:45-4:00 PM

Promoting oral motor development through Active Learning