The TSBVI Distance Learning website is a resource for families, professionals, and paraprofessionals in the fields of blindness, visual impairment, and deafblindness.

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  1. 2/18/14: Instructional Strategies for VI Students Under the Developmental Age of 3
    By Kate Hurst (19 videos)
    Category: Multiply Impaired with Visual Impairments (MIVI)

  1. 2/17/14: Active Learning Study Group, 1-21-14
    By Kate Hurst (10 videos)
    Category: Active Learning

    2/11/14: Nemeth Code: Frequently Asked Questions
    By Susan Osterhaus (4 videos, 8m 45s)
    Category: Math

  1. New in the Orientation and Mobility category:

  2. 1/30/14: The website iDevices was developed by TSBVI Short Term Programs Teacher John Rose as a resource for TVIs in local districts who have students with visual impairments who are using the iPad, iPhone, and/or iPod touch. The iDevices site is listed under the Assistive Technology category.

  3. 1/30/14: Watch the newly archived TETN #20436 (8 videos, 72m 13s) on the new Orientation and Mobility Evaluations page listed under the Orientation and Mobility category.

  4. 1/22/14: The video Ray Bakes Cookies (7m 51s) is listed on the Communication based Routines page of the Communication for Students with Deafblindness or Visual and Multiple Impairments website.

  5. 1/9/14: Braille Formats: Principles of Print-to-Braille Transcription, 2011 listed under the Braille Production category. Prerecorded videos from TETN: 20437, 7 videos (38m 0s)

  6. 12/19/13: Employment Challenges and Legal Options - TETN #20439 listed under the Transition category.

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