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A new VI professional meets with her mentor.

Where To Begin?

The lot of the new VI professional is difficult.  You are often alone in the world with little access to colleagues who can lend support and offer ideas.  You have so many things to manage from day one:  meeting with teachers, parents and administrators, completing eligibility paperwork, doing assessments, developing IEPs, not to mention teaching!  You have students that range in age from birth - 22.  Some are only visually impaired and others have additional challenges, including some who are deafblind.  You have to be familiar with a wide range of content as well as teaching strategies.  You have to learn consulting skills and be able to advocate for your students.  You work with everyone on the team as well as the student and parents. Then there is new technology to learn, acquiring and adapting instructional materials, and figuring out what road to take when you are running late getting to your next campus.

Ideally you have a mentor who is working with you. At times though, even the best mentor is unavailable to you when you need support. Figuring out what to do first and what to let go of until later is often your biggest challenge.

About This Website

This website is meant to supplement the support provided by your mentor.  We have organized it to reflect what we think are the most critical aspects of your job during your first three years.  Undoubtedly your professional life will not flow according to this proposed progression, but the structure we suggest may help you to find your own workable approach to managing the job you have taken on as a VI professional. 

Our plan is to make this website a dynamic tool that grows and changes over time.  We would love your feedback about what you find useful and what you would like to see changed or added. We would also love to have you share your ideas, questions, and strategies with other new teachers. You may send your comments, questions and suggestions to Chrissy Cowan, Mentor Coordinator, at .

Calendar of Tasks for New VI Professional

We have created a monthly calendar highlighting training events of interest to the new VI professional and a "to do list" of tasks to accomplish each month.











Just for You

Braille Resources  NEW!

Links to a variety of braille resources for the new TVI.