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Nemeth at a Glance: A Math Resource, Grade-Level Chart, and Evaluation Tool (59453 NEMP)

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This booklet supports the teaching and transcription of the Nemeth Braille code. It is a practical resource and quick reference that will facilitate Nemeth instruction and improve the quality and quantity of accessible mathematics materials for students who use braille. A sequence for the introduction of Nemeth symbols arranged by approximate grade level and a matching evaluation of Nemeth reading and writing skills are included. Also included are discussions on topics related to Nemeth code and math for tactile learners. Included with this book is a complimentary flash drive with the Common Nemeth Indicators, Commonly Used Nemeth Mathmatics Symbols Arranged by Grade and Course, Evaluation of Commonly Used Nemeth Math Symbols, and Student Braille for Nemeth Reading Evaluation.