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by Sharon Nichols


Use of a single cell augmentative device to respond in a group setting.

  • The Big Red device is recorded with the student's name, the switch also has her name in Braille taped to the top, when it is her turn in circle time she tells the teacher how to say and spell her name.

Social Skills:  

Use of a single cell device and tactile symbols to interact with peers.

  • Another student uses the same device with a tactile symbol attached to the top to respond to the question "what is the weather today?"
  • The student can use the single cell device to greet peers as the enter they the building or classroom.

Career Readiness:

Use of a Power Link to participate in a general education setting to practice job skill activities.

  • The Power Link is connected to an electric pencil sharpener and a single switch device. As the 3rd graders insert their pencils, the MIVI student sharpens the pencil by turning on the sharpener with the switch device.

Daily Living:  

Use of a Power Link to participate in daily living activities.

  • The student participates in cooking activities using a blender connected to a Power Link and a single switch device.
  • Other common electrical devices that can be useful may include a food processor, a back massager pad, a hair dryer, a tape player, and a radio.


Use of a Power Link and a Big Red switch to participate in leisure activities.

  • The student can operate a battery powered card shuffler.
  • Low vision students can work with a peer to make designs with a Bite Lite. The MIVI student, must turn the Brite Lite on and off.
  • The student can access computer activities such as Happy Duck, K-1, Touch.

Choice Making:

Use of a rocker switch to make a choice between to items.

  • The student will make a choice between two choices for a snack, two songs, or clothing using a rocker switch that has been modified with large print, enlarged picture symbols, tactile symbols or real objects.


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