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Welcome Parents of Children with Visual Impairments and Deafblindness!

As parents and cParent and young deafblind child interact.aregivers of children with visual impairments, you play a critical role in your child's life outcomes.  You are your child's first teachers, greatest resources, and strongest advocates. This Parent Portal is meant to help you find the information, resources and connections you need as efficiently as possible.  We hope it meets your needs, but if you find that something seems to be missing, please share your ideas or concerns with us.

This information is divided into two sections: 

  • for all parents of students with visual impairments or deafblindness
  • for parents of students attending classes at TSBVI in the current school year

For All Parents of Students with Visual Impairments or Deafblindness

Parent Networking and Connections to Resources

You may also contact either of our Family Engagement Specialists in Outreach Programs if you need more information:

Kathi Garza, Visually Impaired Family Support Consultant, VI Outreach Programs

Phone: 512-206-9418 or email to:

Edgenie Bellah, Deafblind Family Engagement Specialist, Texas Deafblind Outreach

Phone: 512-206-9423 or email to: 

For Parents of Current TSBVI Students

Comprehensive (Regular School Year) Programs Information for Parents