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Welcome to the second edition of “The Toolbox”.  The first edition (see below) was developed primarily for administrators in Texas and was distributed in 1999.  Since that time many things have changed, including instructional and web-based resources. 

Also, what we thought would be limited to Texas has been used by hundreds of others in many other states. 

Clearly it was time to revise and expand The Administrator's Toolbox

What did not change?

Like the original Toolbox, each chapter included a brief discussion of issues and is followed by one or more resource to be used by administrators and VI professionals alike.  Each of these discussions will be short, usually 10 pages or less. 

What changed?

However, the topics and the scope of the information have changed.  The information is less Texas-centric and more national in scope.  Some of the information, like caseload analysis tools, has been updated.  Also, in recognition that they are two entirely separate topics, hiring and recruiting information has been separated into their own chapters.  The information on recruitment has been significantly expanded, offering administrators tools that they can use not only for recruitment, but other types of advocacy as well.

Additional chapters will be added.  The emphasis on realistic and appropriate performance evaluation has been growing in recent years. This critical function is challenging when evaluating educators who are either itinerant or work in co-teaching situations.  Vision-specific curriculum for students with visual impairments is referred to as the “expanded core curriculum”, or ECC.  This information may be new to administrators.  Information about the ECC has also been added.

What about the old information

Until this site is complete this site will interface with the old one.  The Toolbox Menu links are on the left.  As the older information is replaced, it will be removed from the 1st edition.
Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions on the 2nd edition of The Administrator’s Toolbox.


Administrator's Toolbox First Edition

A collection of resources to support programs for students with visual impairments

Developed and edited by KC Dignan, Ph.D. with Chrissy Cowan, M.A.