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Here are ways to support the school - as well as some of our supporters...

Getting Involved

  • Become a Volunteer Gloria Bennett, our volunteer coordinator, can always find ways for you to help make TSBVI a better place.
  • Donate to All Blind Children of Texas
    • The mission of All Blind Children of Texas is to be a resource for the optimal physical, mental, emotional, and social development of all blind children in Texas. ABCTX uses donor funds to support Expanded Core Curriculum programs that TVIs and COMSs throughout Texas plan for their VI students but aren’t able to get district funds for. Several programs at TSBVI have been funded by ABCTX, such as the Badgerdog Creative Writing Program, specific activities of Camp Challenge, and sponsorship of White Cane Day (providing the clown, climbing wall and bounce house).

TSBVI thanks the following Community Partners! These are people in the community who... well, see for yourself. We love these wonderful, charitable groups and people who care about our students and our school...


  • All Blind Children of Texas

    A non-profit organization serving blind and visually impaired children in Texas.

  • Junior League of Austin

    Junior League volunteers contribute to the literacy of Braille readers by transcribing books into Braille that the School currently has only in print. League volunteers also record books using specialized software and a library computer. The recorded books are placed in the library collection for checkout and use with CD ROM players. The League has provided funds to purchase CD-ROM players, iPods and other listening equipment.

  • Lions Club

    In 1925 Helen Keller challenged Lions Club International to be Knights of the Blind.

Austin Founder Lions Club

Point Venture Lions Club

Support Groups and Donors: